Why It Is Important to Show Up!

Why It Is Important to Show Up!

I appeared at a practice group meeting where there were only three of us in attendance.  Waste of a trip? Absolutely not. The information exchanged between the three of us was invaluable in improving my practice of Collaborative Law.  There was no Continuing Education credits involved, but the camaraderie with the three of us and learning things I did not know going into the meeting, made it more than worthwhile.

We are a small group of professionals in an area that is just burgeoning although it has been around for many years.  I have found that the philosophy of those truly interested in Collaborative Law is to work together to make our practices that much better.  We are not competing with each other, aside from looking for new cases. Just as we commit to work as a team within the process, we are also working as a team when we gather with  like-minded professionals to make the practice of collaborative law so much better.

We are all limited in what we know.  And the only way to expand our knowledge is to listen to others who share their knowledge and ideas.  Without that continuous flow of information from other collaborative professionals, we would be stuck in the mud and would not be capable of getting better at what we do. 

So, show up.  Take advantage of your collaborative professionals to provide knowledge of things you may be lacking.  Even if it is three people who are present, it is amazing how much can be gained from the other people in the room.

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