Support Our Mission Because We Support Yours!

Support Our Mission Because We Support Yours!

From the desk of My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, CPA.

Prelude: I want to take this opportunity to apologize for not introducing many of my Collaborative friends on Friday’s CollaBARate! Happy Hour. I was having internet connection problems and lost everyone’s video at the same moment about 25 people joined Zoom. Please accept my apology and know that my not recognizing you does not mean I love you any less. You are all the best!

Last week was an exciting one for My Collaborative Team. Stu Webb, the founder of the Collaborative movement, joined OUR team. I would like to share some of Stu’s thoughts about what we are doing. He described us as “a part of what’s needed, grass roots, no hierarchy. Teams are where learning expands. We are spiritual beings manifested physically and one essence manifesting singly. We’re members of one UNION—only some folds aren’t aware of their membership yet. The benefits are enormous!!”

We invite you to join Stu and Ron Ousky on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 1PM PDT (4PM EST) for their IACP Town Hall. This interactive virtual meeting will include conversation about Collaborative Practice including and navigating the current challenges, as well as taking care of yourself as a service provider.

Over the past month, we have conducted two highly successful CollaborEAT! sessions, one with Kevin Scudder and the other with Joryn Jenkins about How to Sell the Collaborative Process. Next month we are excited to have Jacinta Gallant continue with this topic. We also had Karen Sacks and Caroline Johnson hold a special CollaborEAT! session on Coronavirus and its Effects on Co-parenting. We have held two additional paid webinars that provided us with funds to become a Bronze sponsor of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals. It is our expectation to also become a Global Partner with IACP.

Our Friday CollaBARate! Happy Hour is in its fourth week and averages around 35-50 concurrent people each week. If you have not joined us, you are missing some fun and some really interesting conversations.

Most importantly we are providing our members with an opportunity to be published or to be a presenter in a nationally viewed webinar. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sandra Crawford of Chicago took advantage and was published for the first time in her career. Now Sandra has her own blog and will be published more in the future. Ronda Fuchs presented with Rebecca Fischer on Domestic Violence and got at least two new cases as a result. At My Collaborative Team we don’t know the word “NO” when it comes to marketing for our members.

Over the past few weeks our membership roles have seen some great additions. We welcome IACP Board members Robert Merlin, Brian Galbraith and Adam Cordover who have joined Board member Kevin Scudder as MCT members. We now have members from eleven states and three Canadian provinces.

Now is not the time to be a passive member. Your opportunities have grown both locally, regionally and nationally. Location no longer matters. Make yourself known through the resources provided to you by My Collaborative Team.

My Collaborative Team is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to enlighten the world about settling disputes through the Collaborative Process. We are able to accomplish everything we have with the support and manpower of our members! We invite you to be a part of this vision. Join the movement and help us spread the word. Support My Collaborative Team because we are here to support you! Join us at

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