How is Your Collaborative Reputation?

How is Your Collaborative Reputation?

From the desk of My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, CPA.

I am a big believer that reputation and credibility are key to marketing. As a professional, your reputation, whether real or perceived, goes further in selling yourself than anything else. Once your reputation gets you “in the door” your credibility, confidence, and competence will get you more Collaborative matters.

To build your reputation make sure your name is everywhere. Perceived reputations come from people seeing you and your persona everywhere. The more places you are listed, the more blogs you have published and posted, the more you speak publicly, the more people perceive you to be an expert in your field. Build your reputation by taking leadership roles. And, of course, build your reputation through competent work.

To build your competence attend seminars, trainings, conferences and webinars. After fifteen years of learning and teaching about the Collaborative Process, I find that I learn something new with every educational opportunity.

To build your confidence, share your experience. Write a blog sharing what you have learned at a training or webinar. Share how your collaborative team solved a tricky issue. Present to your Collaborative colleagues at a practice group meeting, in a webinar or at a conference.

Think about what intrigues you the most about the Collaborative Process and learn as much as you can and then share it with others.

For me, marketing the Collaborative Process, helping others market themselves and the Process are my passion. Helping my colleagues build their reputations, increase their competence, gain more confidence, and get more Collaborative matters is my passion. 

At My Collaborative Team, we love to brainstorm topics for blogs, articles, webinars, or discussions. Contact me at to start a conversation.

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