How Good is Your Elevator Speech

How Good is Your Elevator Speech

I am a Collaborative Financial Neutral.  I assist couples in reaching their goals without the need for court intervention during one of the worst periods of their life, their divorce.  I help them to better understand their current and future financial situations so that they can make informed and intelligent decisions in trying to achieve their post-divorce goals.  I help them build options for settlement in a peaceful and respectful way.  I work with a team of professionals that help guide the family through this difficult time with the least amount of heartache possible.  

That is my pitch!  What is yours?

Pauline Tesler teaches us that we have to be nimble with our elevator or cocktail party pitches.  We must be prepared to tell the person we are speaking to: What’s in it for them?  

Your elevator speech should just roll off your tongue with little or no effort.  It should be as natural as your answer when someone asks you about your children, or your grandchildren, or your pet.  You don’t have to think about your answer, it comes naturally.  So should your description of what you do for a living.  

I invite you to share your elevator speech with us.  

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  1. What is collaborative divorce like? Have you ever had a sit down meeting, with adult family members, to resolve a difficult problem? Maybe, a meeting to figure out what to do about grandpa.

    This type of meeting is not pleasant, or something you look forward to doing. However, its something you can do. In fact, I guarantee its something that you have already done at some point in your life. When the meeting is over, you walk away having had a voice in the decision, and have reached a group decision.

    In essence, this is what collaborative divorce is like. You and your spouse, with the assistance of your attorneys, meet face-to-face and talk through your divorce. It is not pleasant. It is not something that you look forward to. However, your voice and concerns are heard. And, you and your spouse have ultimate control of the process and the outcome. The process is voluntary, so if a mutual agreement cannot be reached, then an agreement will not be forced on you.

    What does divorce litigation like? It is a lot like a public speaking contest. Except during your speech, people are throwing rocks at you. And after the speech contest is over, a stranger tells you how you will be living the rest of your life.

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