Expectations and Teamwork

Expectations and Teamwork

Successful Collaborate practice requires strong connections and teamwork.  There is an expectation that things should be done in certain ways, that team members should act in certain ways.  But, as the saying goes, expectation is premeditated resentment. And if there are uncommunicated expectations that do not get to fruition, the team process can break down. 

We’re all learning together how to work as a team, particularly when we are working together for the first time. How are we going to work together as a team? What do we expect from each other?  What do the clients expect from us? All of these questions must be addressed before the Collaborative Case is begun. Throughout the case, they must be addressed again. Are we working well as a team?  Are we meeting our expectations of each other? Are we meeting our clients’ expectations? Constant communication and preparation are the keys to smooth Collaborative work and to helping clients reach durable, lasting resolution. 

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