Do We Market or Do We Educate?

Do We Market or Do We Educate?

Miriam Webster defines marketing as the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. It defines educating as training by formal instruction; to provide with information; to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way.

Tomorrow, My Collaborative Team will present a Round Table discussion centered around these questions and more raised by three practice groups from around the country. Our panelists, Kevin Scudder, Brian Galbraith, Joryn Jenkins and Rebecca Fischer will address these issues from every possible angle. One of our panelists will tell you that he or she doesn’t market collaborative. They market themselves as a family lawyer and then educate potential clients of the benefits of the Collaborative Process and other out of court options. Another panelist will say that he or she markets the hell out of the Collaborative Process.

On our Happy Hour on Friday, some people believe they market, others believe they educate. When practitioners tell me they aren’t getting Collaborative cases, my first question is “Do you have potential clients calling your office? Are you satisfied with the number of calls you receive asking about your services as a family practitioner?” If the answer is yes, then you don’t need to market any more, you need to become more proficient at educating and converting clients to non-adversarial processes, especially Collaborative.

Our panelists will also answer questions about how practice groups should market and/or educate. Our Nevada practice group wants to know what social media sites to use. How should we prioritize marketing? How do we keep members engaged? Our New Jersey group wants to know how important a level of confidence in the process is towards success in marketing. And our Florida group asks for strategies for expanding the number of collaboratively trained professionals in their area. Join us for what should be a very enlightening and informative discussion tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern, Noon Pacific live on the My Collaborative Team Facebook or YouTube page.

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