Credentialing Is Near In Florida

Credentialing Is Near In Florida

The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals will be offering the Accredited Collaborative Professional credential soon. Start to gather your education credits and proof of cases!

The FACP is testing the application systems, and the Credentialing Committee is going through the process and will roll it out to the Board of Directors and the public, hopefully in the next few months.

In order to be credentialed, FACP members will need to prove five completed cases. Here is the affidavit that the Credentialing Committee has prepared for you to prove just that. 

And the education requirements are not that difficult. You must have completed the two-day introductory training plus 15 hours of advanced training plus three hours in Collaborative Ethics and one and a half hours in Domestic Violence training. You also need to have either completed the 40-hour Florida Supreme Court mediation training or have 15 completed Collaborative cases.

Mental health professionals must also meet the qualifications as a Parenting Coordinator and have additional educational requirements more specific to their field.

The entire set of Credentialing Standards will be available on the FACP website soon with the goal of making this process as pain-free as possible!!!

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  1. Please provide accreditation training dates when they become available for Tampa Bay area.

    Thank you.

  2. My Collaborative Team

    We certainly will! For your records, you can find a list of all upcoming training’s in Florida RIGHT HERE

  3. Hi Ed. I hope you’re well. Please keep this between us. Question: while documenting my cases, some of the professionals with whom I worked on cases, are no longer a part of our practice group. Given that info, what is my obligation in completing the form? Thanks.

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