How Can We Be Allies?

How Can We Be Allies?

This past Friday on our CollaBARate Happy Hour! we began a discussion around the IACP and AFCC letters regarding the current issues confronting America after the death of George Floyd.  The question raised is what can we do.  Nancy Brodzki, a Collaborative attorney from Coral Springs, Florida shared the following thoughts on the call.

From Nancy K. Brodzki, Esq.:

What can we do in this time of widespread outrage over the murder of George Floyd, and the sadly countless other men and women of color, at the hands of law enforcement agents who were sworn to protect us?

Those of us who are Caucasian, how can we best support the end to this invidious and lethal discrimination? I suggest that we can all be allies. As a white person of privilege who doesn’t have to fear being shot during a traffic stop, I can call out racism and racist speech whenever I hear it or see it. Most collaborative professionals are not confrontational people. But without being confrontational or endangering our own safety, we can say “that makes me really uncomfortable” and “that’s a really racist thing to say”. We can stand up against mistreatment and discrimination when we see it. Racism comes out of the shadows when the racist thinks no one will object. Let them know that in your presence they are not among friends.

And the next time you walk past a black man, don’t cross the street. Smile as you walk past. Say hello. You’ll make someone’s day.

Nancy K. Brodzki, Esq.

Brodzki Jacobs

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  1. Thank you Nancy, I really appreciate this post. We need an improved culture and every contribution matters and makes a respectful world a little stronger.

    I recommend this short read which aligns with collaborative communication- protecting what matters peacefully and in that way increasing the possibility of being heard :’re-racist/

  2. And in doing so, you can somehow let them know that they matter…
    Great post, Nancy!

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