Jerome Poliacoff, Ph.D.  is a licensed psychologist with expertise in child, family, and forensic psychology.

He is certified Guardian ad Litem, and a Parenting Coordinator, who serves as an expert witness and evaluator for the family courts in the tri-county area.

As a founder of the former Sunset Mental Health Associates in South Miami, former co-director of the adult unit at Charter Hospital, Miami, and as director of the Attention Deficit Disorder Center for Assessment and Treatment, he has a long history of working with families and children in and out of the family court setting.

Dr. Poliacoff received his undergraduate degree in psychology from the City College of the City of New York, and completed his graduate training at the Children’s Psychiatric Centers and the University of Miami, where he earned his doctoral degree in Counseling and Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami, Coral Gables.

Dr. Poliacoff has published in the areas of parental alienation, the psychology of pre-nuptial agreements, and the role of fathers in child development. He has served on the Florida Bar’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee, and he is currently a member of, and on the board of directors, of the Collaborative Family Law Institute.

Dr. Poliacoff brings his breadth of clinical experience working with children, families, and the court system to the practice of Collaborative Law which he recognizes and endorses as a better way to reduce the cycle of family conflict in divorce.

Contact Dr. Poliacoff at:
299 Alhambra Circle
Suite #418
Coral Gables, Florida 33134

(T) 305-624-7900