Who Are the Participating Collaborative Professionals?

Who Are the Participating Collaborative Professionals?


We are a group of multi-disciplinary professionals who are here to help you find solutions for your disputes.

We believe that a thoughtful, reasoned settlement is always better and healthier for families than positional, adversarial, and uncertain court litigation.

We offer an approach to conflict resolution that brings you, and your family, the resources to address the emotional, financial and legal aspects of a separation, divorce, same-sex dissolution, end of a domestic partnership, parenting and other family and child-related issues.


Along with a team of experts including neutral Financial Professionals, neutral Collaborative Facilitators, your Collaborative Divorce Attorney will help you adjust to, and understand, (i) the realities of your new situation, and (ii) reach agreeable financial and family solutions, (iii) preserve your relationships and move on with your life.

We are committed to upholding and maintaining the Principles of Collaborative Practice as defined by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).

Our goal is to help you identify and achieve what is important to you so that you can move forward with your life after divorce.

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