Is Collaborative Less Costly?

Is Collaborative Less Costly?

Is a Collaborative Divorce Less Costly Than a Traditional Divorce?

A collaborative divorce can be less costly, both financially and emotionally. By working potential conflicts out in team meetings with your collaborative divorce team, multiple court appearances are eliminated, as are some of the more painful conflicts that are often part of a traditional divorce, dissolution or break-up.

The collaborative divorce process eliminates the need for multiple experts toprepare documents and exhibits for use in court, or for attorneys to conduct depositions and issue subpoenas which are some of the most costly parts of a traditional, litigated divorce.

Much of the cost of a collaborative family law case depends on how quickly you and your spouse/partner can reach an agreement on all issues. By collaborating with your spouse you can cut down on the conflict and expense of divorce five ways:

You and your spouse/partner can:

  1. Stabilize your situation through a temporary agreement.
  2. Exchange all necessary information voluntarily.
  3. Agree on legal procedures that cut down expenses and simplifies the process.
  4. Negotiate a settlement that works for you both.
  5. Come to an agreement on how post divorce issue will be handled.

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