New CollaborEAT! Live Series Begins Next Week

New CollaborEAT! Live Series Begins Next Week

My Collaborative Team is proud to announce the launching of our revamped CollaborEAT! Live series. Starting on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, My Collaborative Team’s first CollaborEAT! Live episodes will take place on Facebook and YouTube. CollaborEAT! Live will be a 15-minute live video conversation taking place every Wednesday. The goal of the new CollaborEAT! Live is to provide digestible content to both professionals and the general public on a variety of topics relating to the Collaborative Process. 

Our CollaborEAT! Live episodes will consist of a variety of topics driven by you, our reader, and our members. Topics ranging from ethical considerations, best practices, problem-solving, marketing, special topics relating to Collaborative Practice, practice tools and more.

Whether you join us live or watch in your own free time, you can count on our weekly CollaborEAT! Live’s to provide you with thought-provoking conversation and educational information about the Collaborative Process.

If you want to be a part of our CollaborEAT! Live series, send your topic or idea to

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