MCT Members: Lessons Learned!

MCT Members: Lessons Learned!

“I made a life-altering decision that began with transitioning my family law litigation practice…to an out-of-court process only family law firm.”  “I have learned that I am still learning….But I have come to really appreciate the value of the team approach.”

“The paradigm shift to collaborative practice sensitizes even us (lawyers) to the complicated struggle of emotions at play in the ‘everyday’ divorce.”

“Traditionally, litigation rewards the most combative and competitive drive in warring attorneys.  Those traditional behaviors and metrics of success are not models I want to promote in my career or in my children.”

Those are the words of three My Collaborative Team members who were published as part of an article titled Collaborative Family Law: Lessons Learned by Dr. Jerry Poliacoff, an MCT founder, in this month’s Family Law Commentator, a publication of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar.

Kudos to our Collaborative MCT colleagues, Carolann Mazza, Joryn Jenkins and Christen Ritchey for spreading the word of the Collaborative Process.  I invite all of you to check out their stories RIGHT HERE.

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