2020 Foresight: Clarify Your Goals

We talk all the time about “20/20 hindsight.” My mother used to tell me that she thought I’d be an author some day; I used to laugh and reply, “I don’t have a book in me, Mom.” 

And yet, a little over five years ago, it occurred to me that...

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Proceeding with Compassion, Acceptance and Mindfulness

I attended an Advanced Collaborative Divorce Training presented by CFLI this past weekend. The keynote speaker, Peter Russell, spoke with us about how using mindfulness techniques in our Collaborative work can help us stay focused on our clients and their unresolved disputes. Being mindful can prepare us for whatever...

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Control Your Own Destiny Without Court

Are you are contemplating divorce but worried about spending all of your marital assets on attorneys fees? Are you fearful of your financial future? Are you sad at the loss of your family unit and fear destroying your family in the process of a publicly litigated divorce? Do you want privacy for your...

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