Getting on the Same Page

As I watched Monday night football I heard the announcer comment that the quarterback and his receivers weren’t on the same page.  The receivers weren’t running the routes that the quarterback thought they should be running.

Teams spend hours and hours preparing for their games.  They watch film, they practice,...

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MCT At The IACP Forum

Last weekend, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals held their 20th Annual Forum in Chicago. This event was attended by over 400 like-minded Collaborative Professionals from around the world! It was an invigorating time for all in attendance, including several My Collaborative Team participants who made the journey to the Midwest. If you missed this...

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There Is So Much More To See

This morning, as I walked on the beach, I came across a woman drawing a heart in the sand and filling it with shells. It was beautiful and I was so focused on it as I walked by that I hadn't noticed that the woman's cell phone was laying on the sand, close...

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Lawyers Who Pretend to be Collaborative But Aren’t

I had a client from Angola consult me about a collaborative divorce. She had two children and had spent the previous year living in Angola with them, with her husband’s assent, volunteering to help her people with her medical degree. She had returned to the States, per her agreement with her husband, so...

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