Expectations and Teamwork

Successful Collaborative practice requires strong connections and teamwork.  There is an expectation that things should be done in certain ways, that team members should act in certain ways.  But, as the saying goes, expectation is premeditated resentment, and if there are uncommunicated expectations that do not get to fruition, the team process can...

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My Collaborative Team Participants Lead The Way At FACP Conference

There were few groups, if any, that had the presence of My Collaborative Team at this year's Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals annual conference. With over 70% of our participants in attendance, everywhere you looked there was a My Collaborative Team participant networking, presenting, and learning. to advance the Collaborative Practice in Florida.

Collaborative Date of Identification

In Florida, when a divorce is filed, that becomes the cutoff date at which assets and liabilities are identified as marital or non-marital.  Anything acquired after that date with post-filing earnings or any money saved from post-filing earnings would be considered non-marital.

In Collaborative Divorce we don’t have a filing...

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Check Your Egos At The Door

The following piece was written by My Collaborative Team participant, Jeffrey P. Wasserman, Esq. 

When I first received my training to become a Collaborative Lawyer, I was told I needed to learn to adopt a paradigm shift from my role as a litigator, which I had practiced...

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