Fixed Fee Collaborative Divorce Is Here!

My Collaborative Team is excited to announce the launching of our Fixed Fee Collaborative Divorce program in South Florida.  Our program has four different price points depending upon the complexity of the matter. Here’s how the Process works. Interested parties will be interviewed by either a Neutral Financial Professional or a Neutral...
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We Take Our Clients As We Find Them

There is a well-known principle in tort law that says “defendants take their victims as they find them”. What this means, in essence, is if a person were to hit another person on the head and it turned out the injured person had a fragile skull and thus sustained much more severe injuries as a...
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Collaborative Divorce from the Neutral Perspective

Imagine you receive an email from the forensic accountant you hired to assist in the divorce of Mary C. It included a string of emails between Mary and her husband Tom about the incredibly high American Express bill for the month of February.  This had followed two months of bills that were thousands higher than...
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