Getting Young Professionals Involved In The Collaborative Process

Getting Young Professionals Involved In The Collaborative Process

Over the last several years and decades we have seen the Collaborative Process grow and become more popular in communities across North America. With more people in the public choosing the Collaborative Process, we must consider if the Collaborative Process is resonating with young professionals.  In a survey conducted by My Collaborative Team, participant Pam Schneider thinks we can and should be doing more to promote the Collaborative Process to young, up-and-coming professionals.

After nearly 25 years handling contested family law cases, Pam finally realized that courts are a terrible places for families! “While I might “win” the case for my client, the children in the family and the family as a whole always loses.” Pam added, “Collaborative practice is a way to avoid both of these problems while helping parties to restructure their family in a way that doesn’t destroy it.”

As we continue to promote the Collaborative Process to the public, it is up to the seasoned professionals to pass along the message to the young professionals in our community. Seek out young professional networking events and ask to be a speaker. Become a mentor to a young professional in need. Share your experiences in the Collaborative Process with the next generation. The reward is not “winning the fight” in court, but rather allowing a family to stay a family, despite the conflicts they may be facing.

Join us today, February 17th, as My Collaborative Team member, Mark Soboslai, chats on our CollaborEAT! Live series about the importance of educating young lawyers about the Collaborative Process and what he is doing as an adjunct law professor.

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