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What Is Effective Communication During a Divorce?

  1. Listening deeply and without judgment helps you understand the emotions and intentions behind the spoken words so that the person speaking feels heard and understood. Listening without judgment is NOT waiting for your turn to talk or rebuttal what your partner is saying. There is a story about a world leader who...
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The Door is Open!

To our friends at MCT:

Last week, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals opened registration for the 21st International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) Annual Networking and Education Forum, which kicks off on October 19th and ends on October 29th.  

The staff, Board, and Forum Committee...

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Never After Litigation

Never after litigation did I ever receive a thank you letter.  But I did receive this last week after completing a Collaborative matter.

Dearest Ed,

I wanted to thank you for being such an important and supportive part of my collaborative divorce team. I learned so much...

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Proceeding with Compassion, Acceptance and Mindfulness

I attended an Advanced Collaborative Divorce Training presented by the CFLI. The keynote speaker, Peter Russell, spoke with us about how using mindfulness techniques in our Collaborative work can help us stay focused on our clients and their unresolved disputes. Being mindful can prepare us for whatever crisis our...

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