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The Cost of Divorce to Business

The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Board of Directors has approved an ambitious fundraising plan that includes seeking corporate sponsorships to help promote the Collaborative Process.

So why should businesses, both big and small, support a professional association?

Because the FACP has a mission that serves the...

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Divorcing with Special Needs Children

My Collaborative Team prides itself on being an innovative and forward-thinking group of professionals who are always looking for ways to make the Collaborative Process the go-to dispute resolution option for families in need. With this vision in mind, the Editorial Board has decided to develop material that will focus specifically on how...

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Getting Young Professionals Involved  In The Collaborative Process

While the Collaborative Process is making waves across the State of Florida, with seemingly more people in the public choosing Collaborative, is the Collaborative Process resonating with young professionals?  In a recent survey conducted by My Collaborative Team, participant Pam Schneider, thinks we can and should be doing more to promote the Collaborative...

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