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Collaborative Divorce from the Neutral Perspective

Imagine you receive an email from the forensic accountant you hired to assist in the divorce of Mary C. It included a string of emails between Mary and her husband Tom about the incredibly high American Express bill for the month of February.  This had followed two months of bills that were thousands higher than...
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Calling All Collaborative Professionals

Dear Collaborative Professional: Over the past twenty-three months My Collaborative Team has begun to attain brand name awareness and recognition in both the lay and professional domains. Our website is reaching increasing SEO traction and we have had, from the beginning, a solid social media presence. Despite all our efforts to date our initial concept has...
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IACP Ethical Standards Part III

We have covered the IACP Ethical Standards on disclosure, advocacy and good faith negotiations in the Collaborative Process.  In this chapter we will discuss Professional Teamwork. Section 3.4 of the Ethical Standards places the responsibility of managing the Collaborative Process on each Collaborative Professional, both individually and with the other Collaborative Professionals on the...
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