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No Alimony Deduction Under New Tax Bill

Any American with a pulse knows that 2017 was to be the first overhaul of U.S. Tax Law since 1986. 

But the divorce bar was shocked to see that among those tax “loopholes” on the chopping block is the alimony deduction.

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Marriage is more rewarding—but also more upmarket. That is a problem

The Economist has reported on global trends in marriage. Marriage idealizes permanence, and yet it is changing more rapidly than at any time in its history. Almost everywhere it is becoming freer, more equal and more satisfying. The Economist explains wedlock has become so good that it is causing trouble. The most benign changes are taking place in...
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WHO MEETS WHO FIRST IN A COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE? PRECLUDING THE APPEARANCE OF BIAS Jerome H. Poliacoff, Ph.D., P.A. Florida Licensed Psychologist PY3449 WHO MEETS WHO FIRST? Divorcing spouses come to the collaborative process via referral from friends or family, having found information on a web site, or because they think there is a “better way” to divorce and have found...
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What Does Love Have to Do with It?

What Does Love Have to Do with It? Property agreements between engaged couples are nothing new. People have been making prenuptial agreements for thousands of years. • Soon after the Prophet Mohammad’s death, his great-granddaughter, Sukayna, who was married several times, at least once stipulated in writing that her husband was forbidden to disagree with her about...
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