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Teamwork and Trusting The Neutrals

I was involved with a collaborative case that by all accounts was as smooth as one could hope to have in the collaborative process. Husband and Wife set forth their interests and goals from the outset and stuck with what they stated were their mutual desires throughout the eight-month process—until they became stuck—literally....
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A Textbook Matter

While I am the first to admit that the Collaborative Process is often-times exceedingly difficult, sometimes you get those perfect cases in which the process works just like the introductory training taught.  I just completed one of those.

Our case began with the professional briefing on April 23rd followed by...

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Consider Training Again!

From the desk of My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, CPA

I recall the first introductory interdisciplinary training I ever took. I came out totally inspired and convinced that this would be an easy transition from forensic accountant to neutral financial professional.  Boy was I wrong.

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