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The Road Not Taken

I am a fervent proponent of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). For the most part, families do not belong in a courtroom. There are so many benefits to spouses and partners actually reaching agreements themselves, rather than having judges decide the most personal aspects of their lives. Families who negotiate rather than litigate recover...

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The Collaborative Process Isn’t All Kumbaya

Early on in my career as a Collaborative Attorney, other family attorneys would say to me, "when I have people consult with me who get along, I'll send them to you". I would chuckle because to my mind, people who are getting along as they go through divorce are probably not in a family attorney's office. There's a misconception about the Collaborative Process. Some people think...

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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Everyone’s writing about leadership these days, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, and Stephen R. Covey, of course, but also Patrick Lencioni, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, and Brené Brown, to name just a few. Anyone who’s talking about this Entrepreneur Economy we seem to be living in is also talking about servant leadership, innovation, tribes,...

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The Sum Of Our Histories: Part 3

In this blog I want to consider four questions raised by Dr. Randy Heller in her recent Advanced Collaborative Training, “”Guess Who’s Coming to the Collaborative Table?”  The first question, “Who am I?” was addressed to some degree in my last two blogs as the same relates to what brought me to the...

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