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Divorce In The Time of Coronavirus (Musing of a Peace-Making Family Lawyer)

With a respectful nod to (Columbian Nobel Laureate) Gabriel “Gabito” Garcia Marquez’s and his epic novel Love in the Time of Cholera, I am starting this blog - Divorce in the Time of Corona.  Although, my intended audience is dispute resolution professionals (mediators and Collaborative lawyers, especially those who work with families), I...

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Marketing with Compassion

From the desk of My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, CPA. Get more information on Edward S. Sachs, CPA. and all of our participants at

As we navigate our way through these difficult times, the question of whether we should be marketing our services, and if...

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Collaborative Distancing and Online Connections

It is easy to find clichés and contrived language to open this blog—I had to think hard about starting my message without underestimating the stress under which we are all operating and the difficulties this new era presents the likes of which none of us have experienced.  While we deal with the impact...

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