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Co-parenting After Divorce, Like It Or Not

The every-other-weekend dad, born from two generations of soaring divorce rates, was once a conventional part of American culture. In recent years, more couples have been agreeing to parent after divorce as they did in marriage: collaboratively.

Now lawmakers are accelerating this trend toward co-parenting, with legislatures in more than 20 states...

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Working Moms 7500 Years Ago

Well, it looks like women have been balancing a full-time job and motherhood for thousands of years. All the while, they haven't gotten much credit for it.

By studying the bones of ancient women in Europe, archaeologists at the University of Cambridge have uncovered a hidden history of women's manual labor, from...

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Who is a parent? Who is not?

Michael Higdon (University of Tennessee College of Law) has recently posted a family law article Constitutional Parenthood, Iowa L. Rev. (forthcoming). 

Here is the abstract:

Despite having recognized the constitutional rights of parents almost a hundred years ago, the Supreme Court has not weighed in on the subject of who qualifies...

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Occupations & Divorce Risk

From Naomi Cahn and June Carbone, writing for the Institute for Family Studies:

A recent report on which occupations have the highest and lowest divorce rates intrigued us. The study analyzed data from the 2015 American Community Survey, and, based on the number of people in a particular occupation who had married...

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