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It’s Not Always As It Appears

We Collaborative professionals have certain ideas as to how the Collaborative Divorce Process should look.  We have rules and protocols and best practices that we are bound by or that make us feel comfortable. After all, we want to provide an efficient and economical process to our clients.  And we want their...

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Check Your Egos At The Door

The following piece was written by My Collaborative Team participant, Jeffrey P. Wasserman, Esq. 

When I first received my training to become a Collaborative Lawyer, I was told I needed to learn to adopt a paradigm shift from my role as a litigator, which I had practiced...

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Divorce, Special Needs Children & the Collaborative Law Process

By: Jordan Niefeld, CPA, CFP®

When a couple decides to formally end their marriage, many times, there are children involved. It is safe to say that the most ideal situation is when both parents, together, cooperate for the benefit and what is in the best interest of their children. This...

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The Road Not Taken

I am a fervent proponent of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). For the most part, families do not belong in a courtroom. There are so many benefits to spouses and partners actually reaching agreements themselves, rather than having judges decide the most personal aspects of their lives. Families who negotiate rather than litigate recover...

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