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The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Marital dissolutions can get ugly and expensive, but they needn’t be. Collaborative divorce has emerged as a way to split up marital estates amicably and creatively, all the while minimizing professional fees and court costs. This approach is not just for small estates either — wealthy couples actually stand to lose more if...

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RESPONSE: Even If It Is Zoom, It Is Still Collaborative

The response to my blog last Wednesday regarding Pauline Tessler’s comment that we shouldn’t be calling it Collaborative when it is on Zoom has been overwhelming.

Kathy Campbell, a Collaborative attorney in California writes: “Every collaborative case we have is different. Collaborative professionals empower and assist families in navigating and...

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Even If It Is Zoom, It Is Still Collaborative!

Last week on an IACP Check-In call Pauline Tesler suggested that we should not call what we are doing on Zoom as Collaborative. Her concern seemed to be over the inability to assess the clients via Zoom. Interestingly she admitted that she had not yet had a Zoom Collaborative case.

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