A Time to Give Thanks

A Time to Give Thanks

From the desk of My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, CPA

Usually at Thanksgiving we look back upon the past year to reflect at all that we are thankful for.  This year’s reflection is a little unique.  None of us can be thankful for this awful pandemic and the misery it has brought to the entire world.  Never in our lifetime has one event, one catastrophe, affected the entire world.

But we as Collaborative Professionals have a lot to be thankful for.  First, we have made a choice to turn our professional work into a mission to bring sanity, peace, and positivity to one of the most devastating events that happens to humans, divorce.  We have chosen a philosophy of interest-based negotiation and decision-making that considers people’s wants, needs and fears to help better their lives and that of their family.  What could be more Thanksgiving then that!!

During my twenty plus years of working as a forensic accountant in the litigation arena I worked with many excellent professionals.  They were my colleagues and work comrades.  Now I work not only with excellent Collaborative professionals and colleagues, I work with people I can truly call my friends.  I have always separated my work life from my personal life.  But now, my Collaborative community is such an integral part of my life that there is little separation between my work and personal lives.  I consider my Collaborative colleagues my friends and my Collaborative life has merged into my personal life.  For that, I AM THANKFUL!

I am thankful for the good health of my family.  We have been fortunate to not be personally touched by the virus.  I look forward to and am so thankful for the family Zoom calls we hold every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday when all of us get the chance to talk to and see my 98 year old father, who lives in a nursing home in Jacksonville.  We have become more connected then ever as a family.

To all my Collaborative friends in the United States, I wish you an incredibly Happy Thanksgiving.  Even if you are forced to celebrate alone due to Covid, as Alecia and I are, may your reflections of all that you are thankful for be a bright spot in your day.

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  1. Hi Ed,
    Thank you for your articles and insights. I appreciate your wisdom and leadership. Wishing you and all MyCollaborativeTeam enthusiasts a Happy, healthy Thanksgiving! Best, Sharon

  2. Excellent piece, my friend!!

  3. Dear Ed and all my fellow My Collaborative Team colleagues,

    I’m sorry I couldn’t comment sooner. I am thankful for getting to know so many of you and for what MCT offers to our community. It is a wonderful addition to my local practice group, California statewide group, and IACP.

    Take good care and stay safe.
    Carol Hughes

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