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Blind Collaboration

If we listen to each other, we'll get the whole picture. Then we can begin moving forward with effective decisions that support the entire system -- and every individual that is touched by it.

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Mutual destruction

What's your divorce look like?

Most people know what happens in a divorce: one spouse files a petition, serves the other spouse, and the battle begins.

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For Your Family

Protect your children

Do you want to protect your children from the poison of a litigated divorce? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Collaborative Law

What's the difference?

Do you want a stranger to decide the terms of your divorce settlement and how much time you spend with your children? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Alfred Zeiler

Alfred Zeiler
5660 SW 5th St. Plantation, Florida, United States 33317

I have over fifteen years' experience in business valuation, economic damages and forensic accounting. I develop supportable outcomes that stand up to cross examination. My commonsense approach and ability to simplify the complex when explaining financial analysis makes clients comfortable, and enables effective communication in mediation or court.

My business valuation and economic damage experience includes a variety of assignments with closely held businesses, professional practices and thinly traded public companies in industries including health care, retail, manufacturing, distributors, auto dealerships, service, and professional business establishments. I’ve rendered services for matters involving family law, business damages, personal injury, shareholder litigation, estate and gift tax, buying and selling businesses, and breach of contract.

My forensic accounting experience focuses on family law issues and includes asset tracing, lifestyle analysis, co-mingling analysis, transmutation analysis, marital vs non-marital asset analysis, equitable distribution, income determination, Kaaa analysis, child support calculations, alimony scenarios, litigation support and other family law-related financial services. I am also trained in collaborative divorce; a way to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children without the underlying threat of litigation.

In personal injury matters, I provide analysis and projections of lost earnings capacity, lost benefits, lost social security and more. My litigation assistance ranges from simple schedules, graphs or charts, to self-contained reports complete with all analysis, graphs and charts, and I’m experienced and comfortable with depositions and trial.

I have been accepted as an expert witness across South and Central Florida, in both bench and jury trials.

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