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Blind Collaboration

If we listen to each other, we'll get the whole picture. Then we can begin moving forward with effective decisions that support the entire system -- and every individual that is touched by it.

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Mutual destruction

What's your divorce look like?

Most people know what happens in a divorce: one spouse files a petition, serves the other spouse, and the battle begins.

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For Your Family

Protect your children

Do you want to protect your children from the poison of a litigated divorce? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Collaborative Law

What's the difference?

Do you want a stranger to decide the terms of your divorce settlement and how much time you spend with your children? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Jack Emmott

Jack Emmott
1300 Post Oak Blvd Suite 2000 Houston, TX 77056, Texas, United States 77056

With significant experience in both the collaborative law divorce process and litigated divorce, Jack Emmott devotes his practice to resolving family law disputes for clients all over Texas, including divorce, child custody cases, modifications, enforcement actions, termination of parental rights, paternity, premarital and post-marital agreements, adoptions and much more. Jack helps clients with a variety of goals and needs, ranging from wealthy individuals who want to protect and preserve their wealth as well as their privacy, to spouses and parents who need a compassionate peacemaker to resolve a dispute with fairness and dignity.

Jack is Board Certified in both Family Law and Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Jack has been recognized as a Master Credentialed Collaborative Lawyer by Collaborative Divorce Texas. He is one of only two Houston Master Credentialed Collaborative Attorneys.

Jack believes that litigation should be a matter of last resort, especially for couples and their children who are caught up in the emotional underbrush of divorce. As a pioneer in Texas collaborative divorce, he attributes the success of the collaborative resolution process to the fact that it provides the parties privacy, "therapeutic justice", and a way for each couple to work together through divorce process without the high level of stress and harm that is often unavoidable in adversarial litigation.

Jack is also an experienced mediator and is often called on by other lawyers to help their clients reach an amicable compromise in all types of family disputes.

Many of Jack’s clients are high-net-worth individuals, including empire builders, entrepreneurs, business owners, sports professionals, medical professionals and other lawyers. They rely on Jack to successfully resolve divorces involving complex property characterization, valuation and division issues, typically with many millions of dollars are at stake. Jack’s clients also enjoy the luxury of having access to the firm’s diverse legal services to address the numerous other areas that can impact a divorce, everything from estate and tax planning to business and real estate transactions.  In collaborative divorce and in litigation, a client’s success is often determined by assembling the best team of professionals in finance, in mental health and parenting, to support and to advance the client’s cause.

Learning how to say goodbye is one of life’s greatest lessons. Jack educates each client in how to learn and apply this lesson. In partnering with his clients in this way, Jack encourages and inspires his clients to consider what kind of legacy or example is left behind when their matters are legally resolved.

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