Collaborative Law

It Takes the Little Things

In one of my first practice group meetings as a newly trained Collaborative Practitioner more than five years ago the thought came to me that Collaborative Practice is similar to a sports team.

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Welcome to My Collaborative Team

We Are a Catalyst For Change.

My Collaborative Team produces and distributes the #1 weekly newsletter and directory for Collaborative Professionals.

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Mutual destruction

What's your divorce look like?

Most people know what happens in a divorce: one spouse files a petition, serves the other spouse, and the battle begins.

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For Your Family

Protect your children

Do you want to protect your children from the poison of a litigated divorce? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Collaborative Law

What's the difference?

Do you want a stranger to decide the terms of your divorce settlement and how much time you spend with your children? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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The Collaborative Process

Kevin R. Scudder

Kevin R. Scudder
9706 4th Avenue NE, Suite 320 Seattle, WA 98115-2157, Washington state, United States 98115

Kevin R. Scudder, the creator of the Seattle Collaborative Law Center in Seattle, WA, has built a successful private Peacemaking practice that incorporates his values of compassion and integrity, as well as intellectual / emotional growth and development.  As a trained Mediator and Collaborative Practitioner, he is committed to helping clients reach out-of-court resolutions that reflect what they hold as fair and just. This client-based focus results in resolutions that focus on the well-being of children and which are durable over time.  Through the Seattle Collaborative Law Center, he is working to educate and train Collaborative Professionals in Peacemaking work and to create a community of consensual dispute resolution specialists.  

Kevin is a graduate of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals’ inaugural Leadership Academy, a trainer, author, a regular contributor to the Collaborative literary community [ and], Past-President of Washington State’s state-wide collaborative organization, and a current Board Member of Collaborative Practice’s organizing body, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).  

Kevin can be reached at

Contact Kevin R. Scudder at:
Seattle Collaborative Law Center
9706 4th Avenue NE, Suite 320
Seattle, WA  98115-2157

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