Collaborative Law

What's the difference?

Do you want this stranger to decide the terms of your divorce settlement and how much time you spend with your children? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Fixed Fee

Know your divorce cost!

Don't want your divorce to leave you bankrupt? Learn more about our fixed fee collaborative divorce program.

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Protect your children

Do you want to protect your children from the poison of a litigated divorce? There is an alternative. Explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce

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Your Family’s Economics

Is a Collaborative Divorce Less Costly Than a Traditional Divorce?

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Mutual destruction

What's your divorce look like?

Most people know what happens in a divorce: one spouse files a petition, serves the other spouse, and the battle begins.

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The collaborative divorce process involves the use of a neutral Collaborative Facilitator a licensed mental health professional, who serves not as a therapist to either spouse, but as a neutral, process facilitator of the collaborative divorce process.


The collaborative divorce lawyer is, in the truest sense, a counselor at law. He, or she, serves as a resource, an educator, and a reasoned advocate for his or her client, and, ultimately, as protector of the collaborative divorce process.

Financial Neutrals

The Collaborative divorce Financial Professional is the organizing source for financial information on the Collaborative divorce team, providing to both parties and their lawyers reliable, comprehensive financial information analyzed by an expert, neutral source.

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